Meet, your brand new premium marketplace!

Meet, your brand new premium marketplace!

In June 2019 we decided to start developing our very own skin buying- and selling marketplace since we felt the community demanded it. After months of development we're extremely excited to bring you the news that we've released our latest brainchild to the public!

In this blog post, I will go in-depth into some of the most significant features has to offer and the exclusive thought processes behind them.

Trading portion of

First of all, you might ask yourself: 'guys, what will happen to the trading website from which we knew before?'. The answer is simple; will continue to exist as a trading website, but both the marketplace and the trading site will have seperate balances. Balance from will remain unwithdrawable, and withdrawable marketplace balance can be withdrawn at any given point in time.

In the future, the trading portion of will be transferred over to the framework in which the marketplace was built and we'll be looking at implementing a more advanced dynamic pricing system in order to ensure our customers with a way more varied inventory.

Selling and sales fee

The marketplace features an easy-to-use, yet smooth selling interface. By navigating to 'Sell' in the top right corner of the website, you will be able to view all items in your Steam inventory that are able to be sold on our platform. When selecting an item, an accurate estimation of the approximate sales price will be shown, in addition to an overview of the sales fee (7%, can be reduced to 5% with '' in your Steam nickname!)  that will be collected by the platform and the cash-out value you will receive.

With, selling items will become a breeze!

Overview of our easy-to-use item-selling interface

Fully-integrated 24/7 customer support

We feature an easy-to-use, hassle free and fully-integrated 24/7 customer support system (English only!). If you ever require a hand, do not hesitate to contact our support, they welcome any questions and are there to help! If you need to specify your problem any further, feel free to attach images as proof!

Overview of our integrated customer support system

Item tiles and showcase videos

Our marketplace features easy-to-read item tiles with all required information packed into one.

Information included in each item tile (for CS:GO items in this instance):

Item name
Wear condition
Skin rarity
Weapon type
Pattern index
'See more items like this'
Clickable 'suggested price'
% off indication (based off Steam market price)
'Inspect ingame'
'View in 3D'
Withdrawability status
Item price
Wear indicator!

And on top of that, video showcases! In order to inform our users best before purchasing a certain skin, each item will include a short showcase of the item in-game to help you decide whether you wish to purchase it or not!

Example of an embedded item showcase video on item tiles

Stacked commodity items & shareable links

Ever had the pain of having to scroll through endless amounts of low tier cases- and skins? We've solved this problem for you!

The marketplace features stacked commodity items (cases, graffiti's, name tags, keys and others). Whenever you're looking to buy a commodity item, an overview of the amount per price will be shown, allowing you to add multiple of the same item(s) to your cart at once as well.

In addition to viewing the available amount of an item at a certain price, the latest sales prices, the sales volume can also be found by clicking on an item name. This item overview can be shared across platforms with the link shown in your url bar.

Overview of commodity items and sales history

Easy-to-use withdrawal section

We feature an extremely easy-to-use withdrawal system. Simply link your PayPal account to and instantly request PayPal withdrawals! In addition to PayPal withdrawals, try cashing out via SEPA bank transfer! In the beginning of 2020, Ethereum and Bitcoin withdrawals will also be supported.

Advanced marketplace filters

In order to ensure you with the best experience when browsing listed items on the marketplace we added all filters you need when looking for the specific item you want!

Looking for a certain sticker or pattern id on your CS:GO gun or looking for a certain effect on your Team Fortress 2 hat? Use our filters!

User shops with filters

Do you want to publicly share an overview of the items you have for sale on We got you covered! Click on 'inventory' & 'View My Shop'. With the url showing in your adressbar, you ánd others will be able to browse through all your items and still use all available filters!


You will be informed with a notification icon and a 'ping' if you have our marketplace open in the background while you're playing! Never miss out on:

  • Item sales
  • Replies from support
  • Completed item listings
  • Deposit confirmations

Feel free to leave us feature suggestions, tips/ and or bug reports via our Twitter!