You might be asking yourself, how and why would I invest in with my own skins and how much money can it make me? In this brief blog post I will be going in-depth in the how's and why's of our brand new trade site investment system.


We as a trade site have previously been testing with stock management-, elastic pricing- and demand-driven pricing-algorithms to ensure stock comes in plenty variety.

In week 4 of 2020 we implemented our newly developed pricing algorithm which already significantly helped with the ability for us to increase stock of high-tier and much demanded items and improve the overall stock variety. With the implementation of our new investment system, we will be able to let high-volume traders increase stock in return for a fair profit share for them.

This does not affect 'regular' users and will only ensure all traders will have more stock to choose from.


Actually, not much has changed to our overall trading system. You will still be able to reserve items the way you were previously able to.

You're still able to reserve tradelocked CS:GO items from our bots. To do so, just select the items that are on trade lock and trade as you regularly would. After reserving an item the value will be deducted off your on-site balance and it will appear in the CS:GO inventory with the ‘hourglass’ icon which is located next to the regular CS:GO user inventory as shown below.

You are able to cancel any reservations at any given point in time. If you cancel the reservation before the trade lock has expired, you will receive 97% of the purchase price back to your balance.

If you decide to keep the reservation, the item will be withdrawable for a 72 hour period after the trade lock expires. If you sell the item back to us after it has become tradable instead of withdrawing it, you will receive 102% of the current value of the skin.

If you fail to withdraw it within 72 hours after the item became tradable, you will still be credited up to 102% of the current item value to your balance.

Note: you will only receive the whole 2% extra item value if you had the item reserved for 8 days. If you reserve an item with a trade lock for one day, you will only receive a partial amount of the profit.

What does this actually mean?

The implementation of this system allows everyone to deposit their items (CS:GO, but also DotA 2, TF2 and Rust) and reserve tradelocked CS:GO items off our bots.

During the 72 hour period after a CS:GO item comes off trade lock, you will be able to withdraw it or sell it back to us for a 2% profit. This means that you will be able to make 2% profit off your items each 8 days.

This way, some users are able to make profit where others have more skins to choose from when trading on our website.