During 2020 we will be updating our users with a weekly changelog in which our users are able to keep track of the progress we're making on swap.gg as a trading site as well as a marketplace on our road to becoming one of the best virtual item trading- and selling platforms out there.

Trade site:

  • Back-end performance
    We have once again made some adjustments to our back-end code to enhance site performance and user experience, especially with anticipation for our upcoming investment update.

  • Investment feature
    Our investment feature is nearing completion (we're currently fully testing the system) and is set to release soon.


  • New inventory page
    Thanks to community feedback we realised our old inventory page was not user-friendly at all. We've now added stacked items to on-site inventories (so you don't have an inventory full of cases; instead they are stacked now!) and added the fully functional 'browse' filter to them as well.

Important notice:

G2APay has temporarily disabled PayPal deposits for both our marketplace and trade site. We're talking to them aswell as our PayPal account manager in order to try and find a way to enable PayPal deposits again. In the meantime, please use any of our other payment methods to purchase items. We're sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to have PayPal deposits back ASAP.