During 2020 we will be updating our users with a weekly changelog in which our users are able to keep track of the progress we're making on swap.gg as a trading site as well as a marketplace on our road to becoming one of the best virtual item trading- and selling platforms out there.

Trade site:

  • Multi-language support improvements
    Thanks to community feedback we have further improved the multi-language translations of our website to ensure our users are getting the best experience possible, in their own language.

  • Invest functionality progress
    As we mentioned in one of our previous weekly changelogs, we will be introducing an 'invest' feature in the near future. We have been busy working on this system and development is nearing completion so stay tuned!

  • Back-end performance
    We have made some slight changes to our back-end code to further enhance website performance and inventory load times on all devices.


  • KYC verification
    After comparing dozens of services and proper due dilligence we have implemented an extremely easy-to-use and completely safe ID verification application. We are making use of Mati, a third-party AI-driven service that makes ID verification a breeze!

  • Crypto deposits & withdrawals
    The implementation of Mati allowed us to deploy our own crypto transaction eco-system. We now individually accept Bitcoin and Ethereum deposits; not only are they superfast, crypto deposits also do not carry a deposit fee! Additionally, PayPal deposit limits have been highered to €2.500 per day for verified users. Verified sellers are now also able to cash out using either Bitcoin or Ethereum against a 2% crypto base fee.

  • Sell page changes
    After much demand we decided to re-enable the Steam price slider on the marketplace sell page. On top of that, adding items to your sales queue is now instant; to show the individual price- and/or sales graph, simply click the 'magnifying glass' button next to the item name.