During 2020 we will be updating our users with a weekly changelog in which our users are able to keep track of the progress we're making on swap.gg as a trading site as well as a marketplace on our road to becoming one of the best virtual item trading- and selling platforms out there.

Trade site:

  • Russian translation
    To allow our Russian users to more easily understand the available features on our website we have completely translated the website into Russian.

  • New pricing algorithm!
    We have just recently developed a brand new algorithm to help with our ability to further spread stock and increase inventory variety. As you might have already noticed, the algorithm is working well as more high-tier items are starting to be accepted. Within the next couple of weeks we will also be experimenting with an ability for our users to buy up tradelocked items and sell them back to us once they are tradable for a profit.


  • Russian translation
    In addition to our trade site, we have also fully translated our marketplace to comply with the needs of our Russian users. Please note that the customer support is still English-only!
  • Ruble currency support
    To supplement the value of our Russian website translation, we have also enabled the ability for our Russian users to switch the on-site reference currency to RUB. Please note that deposits and balance payouts will still be handled in Euros. (with the unique ability to choose from USD or Euro when cashing out with PayPal)

  • Item relist improvements
    Based on user feedback we have included a price graph when relisting items from your on-site inventory to provide an overview of Steam volume, Steam sales prices and the swap.gg sales prices. In addition, users are now able to easily list their items for the lowest available price.


  • User item shops
    To easen up sharing your personal item store on our marketplace, we've changed the user shop URL's to SteamID64 format. This way, when sharing your user shop on Reddit, in Discord servers and on other social media, others are able to easily verify the ownership of the items that are currently in the store you're advertising.